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Matt Freedman and Tim Spelios; Logorrhea
Performance: Friday, March 29th at 8 p.m.

Studio 10 is pleased to announce another Matt Freedman and Tim Spelios Endless Broken Time drumming, drawing and talking performance. This latest iteration in the Endless Broken Time series that Tim Spelios and Matt Freedman have been presenting at Studio 10 since 2014 will be an entirely unscripted.


Complementing the spoken word with the most basic story telling tools- sticks and drums to give impetus and pacing, and charcoal and paper to fill in the details-Spelios and Freedman will create an endless cycle of fractured narratives. The stories will be drawn and told by Freedman and will take their rhythm and form from the aberrant and improvised syncopation of Spelios’ broken time drumming.
We are all in the grip of the stories we tell and hear every day of our lives, vast jumbles of threads of narratives that wrap around each other in endless knots. The stories we tell do not start anywhere in particular and they do not end anywhere in particular. Any attempt to tell a simple linear narrative ends in confusion. There is always something to add, a more ancient originating moment, an illuminating aside, a surprising consequence that puts things in proper perspective. We explain ourselves until the cows come home, and then the cows wander off and we have to start all over again.
No story exists in isolation, but in order to keep ourselves on track we pretend that they all do.  We tell stories as if they explain things; we endow our stories with beginnings, middles, and ends. We pull details out of a morass of coincidence and irrelevance and construct narratives designed to reveal a universe that works in an understandable and meaningful way.  No less persuasive than magic or religion and as compelling as scientific explanation, the secular act of story telling makes meaning where there is none and gives purpose where there is no point.
Freedman and Spelios first produced the Broken Time series as part of a month-long installation at Studio 10 in March and April 2015, during which they created eight original performances spread over four weekends. This new open-ended iteration of the project will embrace the infinitely fluid nature of storytelling; the stories will be renewed every month and will never end. 
Please note that the order of the performances and the titles are subject to change. For more information and images, please contact Larry Greenberg at (718) 852-4396
STUDIO10 is located at 56 Bogart Street (Morgan Avenue stop on the L train) in Bushwick. Gallery hours: Thursday through Sunday 1 - 6 pm or by appointment. Contact: (718) 852-4396

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