press release


Larry Greenberg

Kate Teale


Dec 14,15 / Dec. 20,22 2019

Opening: Friday Dec. 13, 7-9 pm

This brief, impromptu show is the result of a spontaneous, visual dialog between Larry Greenberg and Kate Teale, as they shared the Studio10 space to create a series of murals.

Working with muted tones, the two explore compositional openings that create visual/spatial ambiguities. It extends their longer conversation which has evolved over the eight years during which Greenberg has run Studio10, and Teale has shown there.

 Larry Greenberg’s paintings are abstract and intuitive. Close valued greens and blues in rectilinear geometries become luminous spatial inventions. He uses color interactions and fresco-like surfaces to create subtly mystical works. Greenberg studied painting at the New York Studio School.

 Kate Teale’s current paintings evoke nocturnal urban landscapes, mute windows glowing enigmatic invitations to unknown voyeurs. Her work treads a balance between figuration and abstraction, taking architectural spaces as a starting point. Her website can be found at

The artists will be showing the site-specific wall-works and recent paintings.