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SENTINEL A two night performance series in conjunction with Roundabout/UEBA organized by David Schafer.

Feb 17: 7:30 p.m.DSE / Neg-Fi

Feb 24:7:30 p.m.Richard Garet / Maria Chavez+Daniel Neumann

Challenging the physicality of objects and space, these sound artists and performers employ mutation and failure in processing sound. They utilize procedures that sustain and are outside the reach of intelligibility with the physicality of sound. Noise is known as the source of dissonance and power. According to the music critic Simon Reynolds, noise occurs when language is broken down and is in a wordless state. He says that the pleasure of noise lies in the obliteration of meaning and identity, which he calls ecstasy. Jacques Attali writes about noise as a subversive disorder that can reveal the codes of life and relations among individuals.

Note: To accommodate those that would like to see the show as well as the performance, please arrive prior to 5:30 p.m.  Momo Sushi Shack, Roberta’s, Shinobi Ramen, and Pine Box are across the street from the gallery.

Feb. 17

DSE: David Schafer: Working with digitized spoken word and dictation records, Schafer processes collaged phrases using analog and digital manipulation focusing on improvisation and the breakdown and decay of signal, structure and intelligibility. Other work involves dissonant signal manipulation embracing an industrial noise vocabulary of abrupt tonal shifts focusing on abject disorder. DSE has performed at the Whitney Museum in conjunction with the 2010 Biennial, Mildred’s Lane, and collaborated with the Mekanikdolls as MDSE at Mildred’s Lane, Sonikfest at the Bronx Art Space, and Lumenhouse.


NEG-FI: Ryan Walsh and Evelyn Buhler: Brooklyn-based duo Neg-Fi debuted as a band in 2003 with a homemade cassette release for the annual DIY holiday art event La Superette. Incorporating drastically detuned guitars, bass, walkie-talkies and handmade devices, Neg-Fi creates short, minimalist compositions with maximum impact. Both members are also part of the Glenn Branca Ensemble.


Feb. 24

RICHARD GARET: Richard Garet interweaves multiple media including moving image, sound, live performances, and photography. Garet's approach will focus on surfaces, gestures, differences, and distances among material and its phenomenology, to activate and amplify expressive sonic manifestations between electromagnetic waves, modified tape, cracked media, sonification of light, and computer processing. Recent performances include: EAC: Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo, Montevideo, Uruguay; Fine Arts Museum of Montreal; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

MARIA CHAVEZ+ DANIEL NEUMANN: Chavez/ Neumann is a sound collaboration between distinctly different artists with a shared interest in unstable environments and situations.  No information is exchanged between them prior to the performance as a method of embracing instability. Their collaborative work has been shown at multiple venues including the Clocktower Gallery and Experimental Intermedia

Maria Chavez (Lima, Peru, lives and works in NYC) is a sound artist whose improvised sound pieces focus on the paradox of time and presence.

Daniel Neumann is a Brooklyn-based sound artist and audio engineer, originally from Leipzig, Germany. Daniel currently works as an independent composer and sound designer, as the curator for the series Santos is Closed in New York City.

*More information will be available on each artist at the gallery including CDs, records and books.



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