press release

 Hello Everyone,


Please join us for this special event, MAGIC and CATASTROPHE: a concerted effort!


Sunday May 24 at 5pm Eastern Standard Time we will present an online screening of the film ACME DEATH KIT followed by a REAL LIVE performance.


Click here to join Zoom Meeting


Hoping you are well and safe. Sending peaceful vibes and positive energy.



John, Paweł, Matt and Tim




Matt Freedman is an artist, writer and performer living in the basement of a synagogue in Queens. He and Tim Spelios have been putting on their Endless Broken Time talking, drawing and drumming series since 2015. Look for it soon on a Zoom near you.


Tim Spelios takes photos, assembles collage, plays drums, cuts up sounds, makes sculpture, and builds cabinets. He has shown his collage and installations at Exit Art, the Drawing Center, Sculpture Center, Smack Mellon Studios, Long Island University, Pierogi Gallery, and Parkers Box among others.


John Bruce is a researcher, filmmaker, strategist, and educator. He serves as the Director of the MFA Transdisciplinary Design program at Parsons School of Design, The New School. He co-directed the film End of Life, with Paweł Wojtasik, featuring Matt Freedman.


Paweł Wojtasik is a filmmaker and video artist born in Łódź, Poland and currently living in Brooklyn, NY. Paweł’s most recent feature film Every Pulse of the Heart Is Work, shot in Benares and Kerala, India, had its NYC premiere in February 2020 at MoMA as part of Doc Fortnight.


STUDIO 10 GALLERY. Directed  by Larry Greenberg, Studio 10 Gallery exhibited Freedman and Spelios where they first produced the Endless Broken Time series as part of a month-long installation in March and April 2015, during which they created eight original performances spread over four weekends.  Endless Broken Time evolved as an open-ended iteration of the original project, and continues to embrace the infinitely fluid nature of storytelling; the stories will be renewed periodically and will never end. 


PARK PLACE GALLERY. Founded in 2017, contemporary Park Place Gallery Brooklyn is directed by the artist Michael Holden, and is curated by Holden along with Anna Ehrsam. The artist-run project is designed to empower artists and curators to inspire the culture they exist within. Holden and Ehrsam curated the exhibition (IM)MORTALITY by Bruce, Wojtasik, and Freedman in May 2018.