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56 Bogart Street Brooklyn NY 11206                               

Performance: July 15, 7:30-10:00 P.M.  


Studio10 is pleased to announce an evening of noise performance in association with the exhibition “Text.”


Featured Artists:

An Unnamed Ensemble  (7:30pm)

Javier Areal Velez / COSO (8:30pm)

Thee Ultimate Veg   (9:15pm)


An Unnamed Ensemble  (7:30pm)

An Unnamed Ensemble is based largely on acoustic instrumentation, percussion, and crude home-made horns. 

Statement: "We understand the desire to give us a name, but at this point we can't help you!  Our group consists of friends who are musicians in bands and situations and who enjoying playing together in a different context from other musical activities. Inspired by certain types of collective, communal and simple music, and using materials found close at hand, we play music made by acoustic means, predominately percussion and wind instruments. We don't have rules, we don't try to recreate “traditional” music and we use some electricity from time to time. Though all of us have been making music for many years, our experience on these instruments varies from “none” to something approaching “expert”. That variety of familiarity with the raw materials and our backgrounds (from rock to contemporary composition to Zimbabwean music to jazz, noise and folk) are our strengths. We improvise - but constrain ourselves by our instrument choices and a high regard for repetition. We play home-made instruments and others you might associate with a Cuban conjunto, a symphony orchestra or a jazz quartet. Rhythm is paramount for us but melody comes close behind, and while harmony is almost incidental, it is inevitable (if unbridled) when you get six to eight people playing at once. Today we are Sue Garner, Nathan Herrera, Jim Pugliese, Cheryl Kingan, Michael Evans, Chris Nelson and Rick Brown. We hit things and blow!"

Javier Areal Velez / COSO  (8:30pm)

COSO is a trio from Buenos Aires, Argentina that plays short experimental pieces for guitar, bass, drums, and DIY electronics. Since their formation in 2009, COSO has become known on the underground scene in Buenos Aires for their noise compositions and their ephemeral live shows which last no more than 15 minutes and take place in diverse locations, from pubs and art galleries to abandoned buildings and destroyed factories.

COSO’s songs are rearranged for each performance, using diverse homemade electroacoustic devices and objects found in each venue as instruments. This practice includes modifying an electric guitar to use it as percussion, hardware-hacking toy radios, destroying microphoned TV sets, and replacing acoustic drums with a 100 year old giant boiler at an old factory. For this performance, with only one of three band members present, there will be a performance by Javier Areal Velez, playing along to isolated video/audio of the other band members to create the full 'live' band experience, in addition to some improvised music.

Thee Ultimate Veg   (9:15pm)

Thee Ultimate Veg Is an improvisational collaboration between Scott Verrastro and Chris Grier.

Drummer/percussionist Scott Verrastro utilizes a plethora of sticks, brushes, bells, shakers, cymbals and gongs, metal, contact mics and household items in addition to a traditional drum kit to coax a wide palette of sounds, veering from drony Krautrock-inspired psych to abstract noise freak-outs and everything in between.

Chris Grier cut his teeth with the (in)famous avant-noise collective To Live and Shave in L.A..  Abrasive sounds merge into a tone that can sometimes be compared to power tools or construction equipment but is unmistakably musical with focuses on tone and dynamic rhythmic texture that elevate his playing above mere noise.


This evening of noise performance is in association with the exhibition “Text” a group exhibition of work by John Avelluto, Mary Carlson, Meg Hitchcock and Audra Wolowiec. Each work in this exhibition bears a relationship to language, the written word and the materiality of paper. This exhibition places text as the primary prompt to generate meaning. Each work provides an opportunity to examine perception and acts to extend of the act of looking into that of seeing. “Text” is on display until July 22, 2012.


For more information please contact Annelie McGavin at (718) 213-2469.



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The gallery is across the street from the Bogart Street exit at the L Train Morgan stop.


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