press release


56 Bogart Street Brooklyn NY 11206
Saturday, May 25th 8, 6-8 P.M.


Bushwick Soapbox III


Studio10 wants you!

…to come and speak your mind at Bushwick Soapbox III. Another soapbox you say? Why, that’s fantastic news! You might be wrong but we’ll listen for 5 minutes. No readings. No recordings. What happens at Soapbox stays at soapbox. Jennifer Dalton, Adam Simon and William Powhida are Masters of Ceremonies at the third in this series of soapy events.


“A Soapbox is a raised platform on which one stands to make an impromptu speech, often about  political subject.” Wickipedia. The practice of Soapbox oratory has a long tradition stretching back to the late 19th Century in Hyde Park, London and Union Square in New York City and continues today.




For more information please contact Annelie McGavin at (718) 852-4396.







Gallery hours: Thursday through Sunday 1 - 6 pm or by appointment

Contact: (718) 852-4396

The gallery is across the street from the Bogart Street exit at the L Train Morgan stop.


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