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Opening reception: Wednesday, July 31, 7-9 P.M.

Closing reception: Friday, August 16, 7-9 P.M.

Exhibition dates: July 31 – August 17, 2013



'Visuals' by Evidence: Stephan Moore and Scott Smallwood



Studio10 and Contour Editions present a new release for Installation, a platform to facilitate multi-channel sound installations. With ‘Visuals’, the new release by the duo Evidence, Stephan Moore and Scott Smallwood return to improvisations based on field recordings and synthesized textures, layered into a cinematic tapestry of ambience and color. With over 80 minutes of music culled from studio recordings and networked improvisations over the Internet, the music attempts to evoke a variety of visual illusions and dreamlike landscapes. The Contour Editions release takes two forms, a digital download featuring original artwork by Chris Harvey, and an eight-channel sound installation. The latter presents a generative remix of the released material, along with related materials selected from live performances in an ever-changing listening environment.  



About Evidence:

Evidence is a collaboration between sound artists Stephan Moore and Scott Smallwood. Since 2001, Moore and Smallwood have worked to develop a distinctive language of deeply layered sound, using field recordings of natural and industrial sounds as a primary source of inspiration and sonic material. Their activities range from studio compositions and live improvisations to sound installations, street performances, and collaborations with musicians, choreographers, and video artists.  Evidence recently performed at the Hong Kong Arts Centre, China where they presented their dramatic composition ‘Losperus.’  Evidence's releases have been featured on Deep Listening, WowCool, Televaw, and the free103point9 Dispatch Series.


About Contour Editions – Installation:

Contour Editions’ Installation focuses on facilitating multi-channel sound installations for local audiences in designated spaces. For their installation projects, the situation of ‘listening’ is considered to be an integral part to the piece. The final piece is not the audio file, as it would be on CD or mp3 releases, but the visitor’s experience within the space the work is presented. The label is committed to ensuring optimum conditions for listening. Consideration of space (its physical characteristics, context, and conceptual framework), the chosen equipment to reproduce/generate the pieces, and the flow of visitors are taken into account.Programming of the label focuses on sound works that are consequences of a process where both content and format are equally relevant and conceptually intertwined. Topics of interest include sound phenomenology (perception, localization, physicality), sound semantics (identity, meaning, context) and topology (a broader study of spatial phenomena).






7:00 pm Solo set by Philip White

8:00 pm Solo set by Stephan Moore




7:00 pm Solo set by Carver Audain

8:00 pm Solo set by Caroline Park



Gallery hours for ‘Visuals’ by Evidence: 4:00 - 9:00 pm on Thursdays and 1:00 – 6:00 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.



Gallery contact: (718) 852-4396

The gallery is across the street from the Bogart Street exit at the L Train Morgan stop.


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