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7:00 pm Solo set by Carver Audain

8:00 pm Solo set by Caroline Park



'Visuals' by Evidence

Studio10 and Contour Editions present the closing of Visuals by ‘Evidence’ Solo sets by Carver Audain and Caroline Park will be performed.

‘Evidence’ is a collaboration between sound artists Stephan Moore and Scott Smallwood. Since 2001, Moore and Smallwood have worked to develop a language of layered sound, using field recordings of natural and industrial sounds as a primary source of sonic material.With ‘Visuals’, the new release by the duo Evidence, Stephan Moore and Scott Smallwood return to improvisations based on field recordings and synthesized textures, layered into a cinematic tapestry of ambience and color.

About Contour Editions – Installation:

Contour Editions’ is the label under which Richard Garet Wolfgang Gil and Daniel Neumann feature sound artists. ‘Installation’ focuses on facilitating multi-channel sound installations. The final art work is not the audio file, but the visitor’s experience within the space the work is presented. The label is committed to ensuring optimum conditions for listening. Programming focuses on sound works that are consequences of a process where both content and format conceptually intertwined.

Studio10 is also pleased to announce Richard Garet’s inclusion in the current exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art titled Soundings: A Contemporary Score. The exhibition is organized by Barbara London, Associate Curator, with Leora Morinis, Curatorial Assistant, Department of Media and Performance Art.

Download a free sample of MoMA The Museum of Modern Art "Soundings" catalog, now available from the MoMA bookstore:





Gallery contact: (718) 852-4396

The gallery is across the street from the Bogart Street exit at the L Train Morgan stop.








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