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Opening reception: Friday, December 13, 7-9 P.M.
Exhibition dates: December 13 2013 – February 2, 2013


David Henderson & Douglas Henderson

The Sea Is A Big Green Lens


Studio10 presents David Henderson and Douglas Henderson in “The Sea Is A Big Green Lens,” a collaborative installation of sound and sculpture. The installation comprises an arrangement of fifty objects, coupled with 14 speakers, sketching the boundaries of a vast, lenticular void occupying the gallery space.

Ranging from nine feet to six inches in length, the sculptures are constructed from rigid polyurethane foam and capped with mirror polished stainless steel plates. These toroidal forms extend towards the centre of the room and collectively delineate the void. A multi-channel, electroacoustic sound composition is projected at two levels, on a loop. The speakers are positioned within twelve of the fifty marker objects mounted to the floor and the ceiling of the gallery.

The sound element of the installation articulates an abstract narrative derived in part from a poem by Paul Celan titled “Whitesounds.” Celan’s use of compound words in a hybridisation of language suggests hybrid sound worlds. The soundscape’s sequence acts to mirror the succession of hybrid imagery and the structure of Celan’s poem. The poem suggests the poet’s daydream of a message in a bottle, but from the message’s point of view. The poet sits at a table as the afternoon sun streams in throwing shadows on the floor. The poem remains sealed and the words form slowly. The bottle’s message is like the unexpressed poem, waiting for the poet to begin.

David Henderson is a sculptor living in Brooklyn, NY, working primarily in fiberglass and wood. His works, based initially on CAD constructions, come to life through manual, idiosyncratic processes, contrasting the perfection of abstract form with the sensitivity and variation of handwork. His work “A Brief History of Aviation”, premiered at Smack Mellon, has been touring museums in the US. His work has featured at Exit Art, Knoedler Project Space, NYC, Paine Gallery, Boston, and Sideshow, Brooklyn.

His brother, Douglas Henderson is a sound artist whose work spans all aspects of the medium, from electroacoustic sound compositions to sculptural works and installations. He harnesses the energies of sound both as a sensual medium and as a culturally charged fabric of social implication. He is particularly interested in the dialogue between Sound and visual arts, and the transformative power they can unleash when combined.  He won this year’s European Soundart Award, and last year’s Gigaherz-Preis for electronic music.  He shows primarily in Europe with Galerie Mario Mazzoli, Berlin, and Mauronner Contemporary Art, Vienna, as well as at museums such as MARTa Museum, Herford, Skulpturenmuseum, Marl, and at festivals Transmediale, Berlin and Citysonic, Brussels.


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The gallery is across the street from the Bogart Street exit at the L Train Morgan stop.


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