press release

POPc with take place in conjunction with John Avelluto’s Disintegrator exhibition at STUDIO10

POPc (Philosophers’ Ontological Party club), are events that combine visual art with philosophical endeavors, and provide a platform for people to participate and engage in one-to-one conversations with philosophers. 

A project founded by Dena Shottenkirk, each POPc event (which are generally held in bars) is part of a series that focuses on a particular book publication by Shottenkirk plus a body of corresponding artwork also done by her. They include topics such as nominalism in metaphysics, censorship in art, and the neurobiology of artists’ talking about their own work. 

This particular POPc event has the theme of metaphysics and nominalism.* This dovetails with Avelutto’s work as his concerns prominently display the deep philosophical issues that question what is real – whether it’s matter or ideas – and what art is doing when it represents the real. 

Gallery visitors will have the opportunity to think of the philosophical issues embedded and sit down with one of the two philosophers present and discuss their thoughts. Gallery visitors will then have the opportunity to post their thoughts on an online forum.

*The book publication is Nominalism and Its Aftermath (Springer, 2009)