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Performance: Brian Chase and Ursula Scherrer



STUDIO10 is pleased to announce a performance by Brian Chase and Ursula Scherrer on Sunday, January 25, at 6 P.M.Transforming the space into an ever-changing sonic and visual landscape - Brian Chase (drums and electronics) and Ursula Scherrer (live visuals) will perform in a constant dialogue with, against and parallel to each other. Sounds become images, images become sounds, the rhythms will carry them through.

The poetic quality of Ursula Scherrer's work reminds one of moving paintings, drawing the viewer into the images, leaving the viewer with their own stories. She transforms spaces and landscapes into serene, abstract portraits of rhythm, color and light - inner landscapes in the outside world where the images and actions have less to do with what we see than with the feeling they leave behind.

Scherrer is a Swiss artist living in New York City. Her work has been shown in festivals, galleries and museums internationally. Her aesthetic training began with dance, transitioned to choreography and expanded to photography, video, text, mixed media and performance art.


Brian Chase is a drummer and composer living in Brooklyn, NY.  His diverse range of work/play includes that with rock band Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the community of the New York improvised/experimental music scene, and Drums & Drones, an electro-acoustic project focusing on the application of just intonation to drums and percussion; the debut Drums & Drones album was released in February of 2013 on the Pogus label and features videos by artists Ursula Scherrer and Erik Zajaceskowski.  Recordings released in 2014 include those with clarinetist Jeremiah Cymerman, guitarist Alan Licht, and pianist Thollem McDonas.


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STUDIO10 is located at 56 Bogart Street (the Morgan Avenue stop on the L train) in Bushwick.

Gallery hours: Thursday through Sunday 1 - 6 pm or by appointment

                    Contact:  (718) 852-4396



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